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Becoming a Watch Fan

Last year, while working in my old design studio, I began a new project for a customer. It was a new low cost watch designed from scratch. At first, as a designer, I thought I knew something about watches. After reading I realize I didn’t. Then I was scared because it uses a lot of materials and I didn’t know anything about movements. Wow!!!, the watch world is bigger than you can image.
Everything started with questions like:

  • What kind of movements exists?
  • Do swiss really means better quality?
  • Main brands that showcase in magazines are the best? obviously it depends on which magazine you are reading.
  • The weight means something?
  • Which brands are the best?
  • Do really smartwatches could take a share of the mechanical watches?

Then after reading some I wanted a real watch. And guess what? As a designer I wanted to be different. So I tried to find a complete strange brand that would be better and more secure to use than a rolex or tag (that I don’t like it that much anymore) in the street.

After looking at some conference Baselworld news, I loved a german brand called Nomos. It was a beautiful simple design watch called Tangente GMT. Its beautiful simple dial with slim numbers and a contrast in the hands, makes it a great peace I really wanted.

NOMOS Tangomat GMT
NOMOS Tangomat GMT
NOMOS Tangomat GMT
NOMOS Tangomat GMT

Then after reading more about the brant, I found the Zürich Worldtimer True Blue! That is the current watch that I simply love.

Zurich Worldtimer nachtblau
Zurich Worldtimer nachtblau

The only detail I would change, is the black horse strap. It would definitely look better in brown.
So here I am, readying every week about watches in Hodinkee and A Blog To Watch and some books.

More updates coming soon.

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